Safety & Security

We, the management of Rao Kasal Public School, have laid out strict rules and guidelines for the people of our school so as to ensure their safety. We keep detailed records of the staff, school bus owners and drivers, and other people associated with the school in any possible way. We also maintain a log of their daily activities.

Furthermore, we maintain a record of the details of all school visitors and we keep them under watch so long as they are within the school premises. We take every possible strict measure to ensureutmost security within our premises.

Our students are kept under constant watch of their teachers and security personnel. The students are also not allowed to leave the school transport vehicles while on their way from home to school and back. Moreover, any interaction with the strangers anywhere is strictly prohibited.

Trespassers are under no circumstances tolerated at Rao Kasal Public School, and we are always willing to take strict actions whenever needed.